FB Solution - Bakery Facilities Limited. Unit 2001, 20/F, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre.
220-248 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong.


FB Solution-香港新界 荃灣德士古道220-248號荃灣工業中心20樓2001室


Bakery Facilities Food Trading (Shenzhen) Company Limited Room 2302, Cun Jin Building, No 3005, Dongmen Nan Road, Luohu district, Shenzhen


法念食品贸易(深圳)有限公司 深圳市罗湖区东门南路3005号寸金大厦2302室

Hong Kong / Macau

Respect for tradition

Our selection of breads and pastries are created under a French baking artisanal production, that combines slow kneading and long resting times to get texture, natural aroma, complex, intense and authentic flavours.

Carefully selected raw materials

One of our secrets of our products is their raw materials that are rigorously selected by Bridor de France and Traiteur de Paris, using only French flour without additives, fine butter Charentes Poitou AOP, Belgian chocolate and a selection of fresh fruits, herbs, and spices from the top main world producers.


Thinking on to facilitate the work load in the kitchen, all our products are only one step from the final presentation. They come in a frozen ready to proof, or proofed and egg-washed for pastries, or 80% pre-baked for breads. While for the desserts, just need to defrost and plate, so you get an ideal solution for time time saving and food cost optimisation.

Professional recipes

We are proud of distribute products crafted by master bakers at the Lenôtre School in Paris, MOF Chef Frédéric Lalos and 3-Michelin Star Chef Alain Passard.

Strong commitment to safety

For safeguard the health of your customers, all our products meet the strictest food standards such as British Retail Consortium Global Standards [BRC], Hazard Critical Control Points [HACCP] and International Food Standards [IFS].

Technical supports

Our Chef Bakers and Corporate Chef will assist you closely from the first baking until the display of your products, and on your daily operation.

New products every season

Every season, we expand our bakery products with new culinary trends and explore new flavours and textures. All our products are selected for fulfilling the needs and preferences for both European and Asian palates.


Our croissant has won several international awards, including the best croissant in Hong Kong in 2012 for its beautiful layers and buttery taste. In France, Bridor holds several awards on best bakery products for Food Service by Saveur de L’année.

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